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California Drug and alcohol rehabs: Drug and alcohol rehab is a program where people who are struggling with substance abuse issues can go and receive treatment-help. Throughout California there are thousands different drug treatment facilities, each varying in the care provided to a degree. For example, some addiction programs are a Christian based rehab or use the 12 steps program model, while others use the therapeutic community, cognitive therapy, boot-camp approach and/or other specific philosophies or religions to treat addicts. Some programs add nontraditional methods or eastern philosophy, such as meditation, yoga, scientology, acupuncture, saunas and/or other physical fitness activities to try and heal drug addiction; these are sometimes referred to as holistic programs which refers to healing the mind, body, and spirit. However, the Christian drug rehab and 12 step programs would be holistic because they address the spiritual, emotional, mental, social and promote physical health and fitness along with recovery. The Christian rehab has the highest success rate of these approaches.

Additionally, some drug rehabs do offer a dual diagnosis treatment program and provide medications for those battling with inherent psychological and concurring drug addiction disorders; cases where individuals suffer from mental disorders that predispose them to seek and self-medicate--outside of professional medical provision. Other programs oppose the use of medications to treat psychological disorders; thus, some drug-free programs believe it’s not effective putting them on another addictive substance. Therefore such centers work at getting to the root causes of the problem, sort of an inside-out approach. Whereas other rehabilitation centers may chose to prescribe medication for certain situations to deal severe mental health conditions usually on a case by case basis.

Also, many drug rehab centers provide treatment based on the theory that alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease as well as hereditary passed down through generations; consequently predisposing those individuals who parents or grand folks were addicts. The disease concept says that once a person becomes hooked on drugs or alcohol the individual is never fully recovered and always at risk of relapse. Moreover, they must stay completely abstinent in order to remain sober and lead a healthy productive lifestyle. In contrast, other addiction treatment proponents or programs believe that drug &/or alcohol dependency can be completely overcome through intensive and comprehensive enough treatment.

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